Inactivity fee

The inactivity fee is charged only to those users who have the highest probability that their accounts are clearly permanently abandoned, namely those who have not had any account activity in the last 1095 days (3 years).

Account inactivity means the complete absence of any activity on the account (including financial), as well as the absence of referrals and open orders on the exchange.

The inactivity fee is charged daily, up to 0.03 EUSD per day.

The inactivity fee is not charged for accounts that have no funds, that is, the inactivity fee cannot take the account balance into a minus.

In order to guarantee the exclusion of payment of commission for inactivity, it is enough to visit your account once every 3 years or keep at least 1 open order on the exchange.

Since open orders on the exchange earn interest on POS pool daily, the last activity label on such accounts will be automatically updated daily. Accordingly, an account with at least one open order on the exchange will always be considered an active account.

Removing inactive accounts

Accounts on which there is no activity for the last 1825 days (5 years), as well as on which there are no referrals and funds on the balance will be automatically deleted, without the possibility of recovery.